A local company for local women

Founded in 1980 and completely reinvented from the ground up in 1992, Grenier has remained a Quebec family business ever since its very beginning. We strive to create “delightful fashion”, whether in following trends, wearing elegant and comfortable clothes, or feeling and looking beautiful without breaking the bank.

Our team based in our Anjou headquarters designs all our apparel, footwear and accessories. These products are distributed in our 81 stores in Québec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

In 2016, Grenier marked a new chapter in its history by launching its transactional website that allows women from all over Canada to purchase our products online and receive them at home or at the office. Also, since 2017, Grenier is very proud to associate itself to Équilibre, a Quebec non-profit organisation that promotes a healthy relationship between body and mind.

At Grenier, we firmly believe that body diversity has its place in the fashion industry and that all bodies, regardless of their shape or size, have the right to be valued and celebrated. That’s why none of our models’ pictures are retouched or modified. We want to minimize the false representation of beauty standards and encourage body positivity and self-acceptance. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all our clients, where they feel accepted, beautiful and free to be whomever they are.